Let's Do This

In a perfect world, I'd spend all my time taking photos of ponies, the people who love them, landscapes and architecture, and interesting characters on the street. I have an affinity for natural light and capturing everyday moments in unexpected ways.

My photos hang in family rooms and hallways of homes in Canada and France (although I've lost track of a few) and they've inspired paintings by local artists.

Other than taking photos, my skills include grooming a spoiled chestnut pony, making a wicked gin + sparkling water (it's all about muddling the lime), and dusting off my passport just in case. These all add to the complete photographer package you'll get when we work together. Call.






Hi -- I'm Katja. From my first photos of moody (everything's moody when you're in uni), snowcapped, Scottish mountains to those I take now, my love of natural light photography and of portraits with movement has grown. My goal is to convey what I see through a lens, into stories people love and that provoke a feeling.

There's not a forest or copse of trees I won't photograph, and road trips are exponentially longer when I'm driving. Despite this, I am available for personal and commercial commissions that don't feature trees. Contact me about travel, landscape, and nature prints available for purchase, too.

Although I'd love to replicate my first camera and have another Miranda (or a Sony Alpha, or a Leica, or a...), any camera that lets me take a photo is a good camera, and some of my favourite shots come from my phone.

How it Began

My first camera was a 1960s Miranda (stolen from my father) that I loved until it died. It taught me to play with light and shadows and hooked me from the moment I felt its weight in my hands.



Meet the Team

What team? It's a team of one right now, although I should give a shout-out to the patient ponies who stand as stoic victims for my shots.


Katja Wulfers


Traveller, gourmande, writer, horse crazy, gin snob.

Next steps...

Contact me via email, DM, or carrier pigeon to hire me or to order prints.